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Torchwood vid: See You Again (Jack/John)

Of all the characters in all the many fandoms I've had in the last year, look who called to me to be my next fanvid!

Fandom: Torchwood
Title: See You Again
Song: "See You Again" - Miley Cyrus
Characters/Pairings: John Hart, Jack/John
Spoilers: Only 2x01, 2x12 and 2x13.

Summary: The next time John and Jack hang out, John's going to redeem himself.

I'm... sorry. This is pretty much crack.

There was just something inherently irresistable about combining Captain John Hart with Miley Cyrus. And actually I'm not sorry, because this video was incredibly easy to make, which means it was meant to be.

(Be thankful at least that John isn't singing Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend", which was my first impulse.)

Click for YouTube

Click for BAM vid vault

Oh, LiveJournal. I only ever visit you when I have something fannish to say. We should catch up for coffee.
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Oh, I am too entertained. That is so awesomely wrong, it's right. Great editing, too!
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
Nice editing :)

"Oh, LiveJournal. I only ever visit you when I have something fannish to say. We should catch up for coffee."

Hmm, this could be presumptuous of me, but I'm not sure if you're talking about LiveJournal or me in that sentence.
Hee! No, I really did mean ElJay - I talk to you SLIGHTLY more often than that. However, good point. And you still want BSG season 4, right? I do have it, and also The Plan (the final telemovie).

I may be free next Tuesday or something. I don't know, we start rehearsals for the next musical this week and I've no idea how many Tuesday nights I'll be required for my little role.
Heh. Yep BSG season 4 would be nice. Someone at my local library is hogging it. Ooh, and the The Plan, yes! Thank you very muchly! :D

Okay, no prob. Lemme know when is best for you. I'm free most nights except Wednesday, so whenever is good for me.

Ahh, which musical are you doing next? :)
We're doing The Gondoliers next. My first Gibert and Sullivan in ten years!

I will keep you updated with my schedule. :D
Ahh, fun!

And, cool :)

I'm... sorry. This is pretty much crack.
Oh don't apologise! There can never be enough crack! *enjoys hugely*
This is quite true.

Glad you enjoyed!
How did I miss you becoming a fan of Torchwood?

Man leaving Oz makes me miss out on everything dammit!
Well. You missed it because I haven't been online, like AT ALL. (Okay, so I've been online, but not to talk to anyone.)

Hi! *waves*