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Heroes 3x03

Okay, fine. It's settled down a bit and I didn't hate this episode. Much. But there still isn't much to draw me into it.

The Good

1. Okay, I don't hate Tracey's story. In fact, the whole "Ooh, I bet they're clones" thing was one of the few "HEY THAT'S SO COOL" moments of the episode. Sucks to be Micah, though.

2. Sylar. Apart from the whole "you can fight it"/"I don't think I can" thing (which... like, why would he want to, anyway?), he's OMG awesome. Intimidating the cops through sheer force of personality was GREAT.

3. Sandra and Meredith getting to interact. I was hoping for Sandra and Angela, but this will do for now.

4. OH, AND LYLE SPOKE. LIKE, TWICE. I was so happy.

The Bad

1. I'm so glad to see both Peter and Future Peter are self-centred enough that they feel comfortable leaving Bennet in mortal peril. Nice, both of you.

2. Why has Angela lost her personality? When did she stop being "Well, I'll do what I have to for the greater good" and start being all, "HEE, I'M A CRAZYPANTS!"? And more importantly, WHY? She was a great character, and now she's been screwed up, without any particular justification other than "well, the plot requires it". UGH.

3. And while I'm at it, I have nothing but a big EYEROLL on the topic of her being Sylar's mother. WHAT.EV.ER.

4. I know I'm a nitpicker by nature, but I would just like to point out that our Claire went from being "almost 16" in season one to "17" now. That's, what, 5 months at most?

5. I kind of hate Hiro this season. He's always walked a fine line between childishly cute and childishly annoying, but this season he's crossed that line with Daphne-like speed and now isn't even in sight of the "cute" side. Incidentally, I don't mind Daphne. She's annoying too, but manages to actually be amusing about it.

6. WHY would Bennet call Meredith? Oh, right. PLOT POINT. Ugh.

7. While I'm at it, why would Claire think Meredith knew how to fight? Here is the extent of everything we've heard about Meredith doing: running, and hiding. Admittedly, Claire is not very good at these things (see season 2) but I somehow don't think that's what she was asking for help with.

8. Bob still seems to be dead. IT'S NOT ALL RIGHT.

Oh, and here's one for the Mafia people.

You know what this is, right?


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