Mylla (mylla) wrote,

*blows dust*

Amazing how the dust piles up when you don't stop by in a few years!

As usual, I've come in here because I have fannish things to say. But you know what? This journal isn't really the place for that. Yeah, I used it that way sometimes, in specific fandoms (*cough*Heroes*cough) but it was always much more RL.

So I've sort of switched over to using my fic journal, mirandabeth.

And of course the reason I'm suddenly doing this is that I have a new fandom! This hasn't happened to me in AGES. (Yes, fandoms are something that happen. Don't try to pretend otherwise.) Who remembers Press Gang? Early Steven Moffat TV series, with young Julia Sawalha and Dexter Fletcher? I never watched it at the time (early 90s) but watched it all for the first time this year and got completely hooked.

I made my first fanvid in two years! And even more amazing than that, I started writing! I figured that if writing was something I wanted to do, I might as well just do it. The result, so far, is one episode coda and two backstory ficlets. I have yet to actually create plot, but maybe that's the next step? Whatever, I'm having fun. It helps that there's barely any Press Gang fic out there, so I don't feel like whatever idea I come up with, someone's already written it.

Actually I've been looking through my hard drive at some of the (few) things I started writing in various fandoms and never followed through on, and I really like some of them. I want to stop dithering and actually post some stuff. So, that may happen.

And with my revamped video editing software, I TOTALLY want to go back and finish those vids I Always Wanted To Make. And I was even thinking I should dust off some of those My Opinion entries I kept typing up over the last few years to post here, but never did.

ANYWAY. The point of all this is that I'm not sure who's still around here, but I'd like to catch up! But if you wanted to friend mirandabeth, I will be spending more time over there. So!
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